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Wealth may come or go. Death may seize today or after centuries, but the firm-minded do not swerve  a step from the right path” This was what Swami Dayanand stood for and will be remembered forever. Born on September 20, 1824, Swami Dayanand believed that knowledge is the birthright of every human being and should be denied to none. To realize Swami Dayanand‘s dream, a group of enlightened, devoted and dedicated followers founded the Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society in 1886. The society, however decided on March 20, 1886 to open a D.A.V. High School at Lahore. Henceforth, on June 01, 1886—a day hence forward sacred in the history of Arya Samaj and the College--the first Dayanand Anglo Vedic High School was opened with Mahatma Hansraj ji as the honorary Headmaster. DAV, the singular amalgam of the East and West culminated  in the Arya Samaj, Lahore and made an imprint on mankind. ‘Vedic’ stands for traditional Indian cultural, religion and Vedic values. ‘Anglo’ stands for the western. The Anglo Vedic seed sown in the fertile soil of  the undivided Punjab of Aryas who were spurred by the noble thoughts, writings and discourses of Swami Dayanand Saraswati in the days gone by, germinated well. Blossoming into a Banyan tree, the DAV movement spread all over the country. It gives food for thought to those who bear the onerous burden of running the show. Indeed, the DAV Institutions are growing numerically and are called the ‘Pilgrims of Progress’. Moving on and on is indeed the pragmatic motto of the DAV movement. ‘Dispelling Ignorance and Promoting Knowledge’ is one of the main principles of Arya Samaj and DAV Pioneers.The DAV Philosophy of education pays equal attention to the personality development, character building and equality of boys and girls. There is no  gender bias at all. It aims at providing the young ones physical, moral , intellectual and spiritual training.The generation of  academicians  and administrators owe it to Mahatma Hansraj and his generation of Aryas.
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